About Sarjé

Hey, I'm Sarjé!

I'm a painter living in the Pacific Northwest, on stolen Kalapuya ancestral lands. I grew up in the midwest, and exercised my creativity through sidewalk chalk drawings, band and choir performances, and completing craft projects in 4-H. 

As I grew up, I shied away from formal education in the arts, opting for "safer" Liberal Arts education in History and English. But I was not-so-secretly in love with my Photography class. I spent long hours processing film and making prints. That began my earnest interest in practicing traditional artforms.

When I didn't graduate from college, I tried to find success in other realms. Clerical work, banking, grocery management, service industry work. I tried a lot of jobs, and was good at many of them. My spirit wasn't fulfilled, though.

I became so miserable, so disillusioned, and so angry with how out of control my life felt. I descended into alcoholism, a decline which was not at all linear, but wholly progressive, nonetheless. I nearly drank myself into oblivion.

My spiritual journey, which led me to creative recovery and this artist's life, began on December 21, 2015, on the longest night: Winter Solstice.

The darkest day of the year brought me into the light. I had a true Spiritual Awakening, and became willing to do anything to stay in that light.

Painting keeps me awake.

My paintings are guided by the principles, traditions, and values I have gained throughout my life. I speak the language of recovery throughout my work. For me, painting is an act of meditative devotion, in service to the All That Is. My paintings are blessings to the environment and all who dwell within, without.

I am an autodidact and a lifelong learner. I pull from myriad sources to weave this tapestry of color, form, feeling, and meaning, to commune with the audience's soul.


Check out my Vocal Creator's Page to read all my poems, stories, and articles currently published there. 

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