About Sarjé

Artist Statement
My artwork results from a practice I refer to as
Spiritual Archaeology. I combine elements of neurographic drawing, sigil magic, somatic-ancestral experiencing, and meditative energy work. In sifting through these layers, I apply layers of media (typically ink, pencil, and pastel) to record the communication I receive. While these records are ephemeral, they nonetheless serve as “stained-glass windows,” through which you are invited to look into your own spirit/ual ancestry. I invite you to see the universal, during our shared time in this dimension.

Sarjé self portrait
, mixed media, 2021.

Born and raised in the Midwestern United States, Sarjé Haynes resides in unceded Kalapuya territory (Junction City, Oregon). She began producing artwork at the age of two, and has never stopped. In recent years, her work has been heavily informed by her personal healing journey, which includes: sobriety, meditation, sigil magic, dark therapy, EMDR, somatic experiencing, and intermittent fasting. While best known for her 2D Neural Magic series, she also creates with 3D mixed media, including: 3D printing, needle felting, knitting, crochet, and upcycled/found objects. Her work can be seen throughout the year at the New Zone Gallery Collective, in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

youalwayshaveahomehere, mixed media, 2022.

Sarjé Haynes (b. 1986)
Unceded Kalapuya Territory (Junction City, Oregon, USA)

2023  Personal Practice, Liane Lang, Contemporary Art Academy, London, UK
2021  School of Awakening, Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng
2020  Art of Flow (at Home), Gabbi Lancaster
2011  Watercolor Basics, Gitte Mohr
2008  Darkroom Photography, John Holmgren
2007  Acrylics and Abstraction, Della Conroy
2004-2008 University of Minnesota (undergraduate: History, English)
2000-2004 South St Paul High School, International Baccalaureate Honors

solo exhibitions
2023  Neural Magic III, Center for Spiritual Living, Eugene, OR, USA
2022  Neural Magic II, Community Cup Coffee, Eugene, OR, USA
2022  Neural Magic I, Elev8 Cannabis, Eugene, OR, USA
2022  Whiteaker Community Market, Eugene, OR, USA
2020  Color Into Darkness, Wonderland, Roseburg, OR, USA
2019  Downtown Street Faire, Roseburg, OR, USA

selected group exhibitions
2022  Tiny Treasures, New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR, USA
2022  Zone 4 All, New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR, USA
2022  Pushing the Limits, New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR, USA
2021  Zone 4 All, New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR, USA
2020  Transformations, Pennsylvania Center for Photography, Doylestown, PA, USA
2018  August Group Show, Knok-Knok Lounge, Roseburg, OR, USA

2022  Certificate of Artistic Achievement, Luxembourg Art Prize
2021  Certificate of Artistic Achievement, Luxembourg Art Prize

catalogs and publications
2023  Eugene Arts & Business Alliance Catalog
2022  Eugene Arts & Business Alliance Catalog
2020  “The Messy Path to Happy Destiny,” Big Cartel
2015  GISHWHES in Images, Seventh Edition
2014  GISHWHES in Images, Sixth Edition

professional memberships
2022-Present New Zone Gallery Collective, currently in service as Gift Shop Manager
2005-2007 Prairie Renaissance Arts Alliance, student member of the Board of Directors

Numerous private collections (USA, UK)

Sore Muscles
soremuscles, ink on printer paper, 2022.