::felt:: Argyle Pin-Brooch

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::felt:: Argyle Pin-Brooch

Embrace your inner unicorn with this fabulous multicolored pin-brooch! Features prismatic needle-felt, glass beads, and holographic thread. Pictures include Argyle pinned (next to Roy B) on the Poisson Rouge necklace/wrist wrap (sold separately).

Dimensions: approx. 1.75"x .75" pin


What is… ::felt:: ?

::felt:: is a one-of-a-kind modular jewelry line from artist Sarjé Haynes.

Each piece is made using traditional handcrafting techniques, including needle felting, crochet, embroidery, and beading. Brooches feature futuristic 3D-drawn pin backs!

::felt:: is 100% handmade. Each piece is completely unique, and will never be reproduced. Combine pieces to create your own signature looks!


Shipping policy: $5.00 for all US deliveries. No additional charge when added to a painting/print/2nd jewelry order.

$10.00 (USD) for shipping to all other countries, or $5.00 additional when added to painting/print/2nd jewelry order.